Monthly Auto Insurance Policies for Less

There are plenty of reasons to want monthly auto insurance. Perhaps you will be out of state for business for a while or visiting a relative. Maybe you are just taking a nice vacation. It's possible that you can't commit to a longer term because of financial reasons or otherwise. In any case, while auto insurance is typically less expensive for longer terms, you can still find some good prices for monthly auto insurance policies. Here's how.

Using Online Auto Insurance Quotes

You can compare quotes online to get estimates of how much monthly rates are. Compare these to the annual rates to see if you really want monthly auto insurance.

Once you have picked out the best rates, don't settle for that price. Talk to an agent from the top auto insurance providers in your area about discounts.

Keep in mind that, even if the monthly rate is low, there might be big upfront costs. Compare the down payments and upfront costs when you are comparing rates.

Investigate Deeper

Some auto insurance companies don't advertise that they offer monthly policies. To get the rates from these companies, you have to talk to an agent. However, there are so many auto insurance providers. If you want to get a good idea what their rate will be before you make any calls, do this:

1. Get a free auto insurance quote comparison at an annual rate

2. Get consumer reviews from the companies with the lowest rates (Make sure they are trustworthy)

3. Contact an agent from those companies that are trustworthy and ask about their monthly rates

Tips to Lower Your Payments

1. Automated Payments – Paying through automatic withdrawal from your bank account can lower your rate significantly. Some companies do this, some don't. Ask more than one auto insurance provider before you sign anything.

2. Pay a Few Months Ahead – Maybe you want a monthly deal but are planning to renew for a few months. If this is the case, paying a few months upfront can save you a lot. Make sure that future payments are refundable in case you decide not to renew.

3. Ask about discounts. Just because you are month to month does not mean you can't benefit from low annual mileage discounts or defensive driving discounts. Be thorough in asking each company you talk to about their discounts.